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Welcome to Tribeur Marketplace
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Tribeur is a curated marketplace for independent brands and artisan pieces from around the world. We want to redefine luxury through an appreciation of handcrafted and sustainable clothing, homeware and accessories. Think relaxed traditional and easy elegance.
We started Tribeur with the aim to change mindsets about crafts and break with our exclusive relationship with fast fashion. Now, we want to develop an online community marketplace that promotes contemporary pieces handcrafted by artisans around the globe.

What the word mean? (invented french/english adj.) Pronounced : ‘traɪb.er’

Someone whose personal style is an international identity never bound to one place or culture.

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Craft skills

We love crafts and design skills, the process by which people use their creativity and talent to make beautiful things. We value artisans work and brands that empower communities and support local businesses. The work should stand for itself.

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Attracting like-minded people

Entrepreneurs, makers and designers can reach a larger audience, position their conscious brand and grow their business more effectively on Tribeur rather than through saturated online megastore and other costly shops.

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Small-scale production

Small-scale production and crafts goods offer ways to be original, creative, manage resources effectively and support local economies.

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Fair trade & Collaboration

We thrive to build a powerful community of makers and brands that collaborate and work to preserve traditional techniques with a recognition of places from where they originate.

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Doing Good

Although we are not environmentalists, we want to be conscious retailers and influencers who care about our planet and its people. Any designer-maker can list their work as long as it is handcrafted and ethically sourced.

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We want to inspire you to make sustainable lifestyle choices by choosing quality over quantity so that you are only left with the things you find useful, durable and beautiful.

LUXE REDEFINED. We are committed to redefine luxury through an appreciation of ethically made, beautiful objects that tell their own stories

We truly value creativity at every level. We work with entrepreneurs and brands who are committed through their mission and vision to collaborate with artisans in order to preserve traditions and heritage, techniques and recognition of places around the world.

We are more than a marketplace. We are on a mission to build a trusted community committed to provide greater visibility and engagement across their supply chain. We believe that being open helps us to build trust and share our reasoning for the features we have, our pricing, what we blog about. Working together to get things done.

We don’t over promise buyers or sellers and deliver on what we set out to do. Our business model means we have a dual focus – on the needs of both our sellers and buyers. We take it seriously deliver professional high quality services them and building the trust of all our stakeholders.

Why sell on Tribeur?


No listing fee

There are no hidden administration or listing fees.


Artisanally design focused

Highly curated selection of ethically made and beautiful objects made by artisans around the world.


Friendly & Helpful

We’re always here to help and improve. You have access to a comprehensive and knowledgeable support team. Just drop us a line.



Our Blogzine regularly features brands, travel guide and our weekly style guide goes out to our mailing list.


Your brand & Stock

Personalize your own shop page. List as much or as little as you want.


Secured Payment

We use Paypal and secure servers to manage all payment and personal data.


We are a team of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about building businesses we can be proud to share with the world. Our flair for cool independent brands and passion for culture lead us here. Collaborating is a total boon and we get most fired up when working toward a shared vision to create change. We see every opportunity to learn, grow and expand our perspectives. Let’s make sure together that the industry grows in a way that’s sustainable and works for everyone.

Our Amazing Team.

Join the tribe ? Register to sell with us, drop us a line to tell us how we’re doing, we always like to hear from you.