About Us

Our online wholesale venture captures our lifelong passion for travelling, treasure hunting and bringing a touch of the diverse African culture to the rest of the world.

We are team Tribeur and we are passionate about creating a better future for artisans and makers across the African continent and beyond. Harnessing digital e-commerce technology to empower human capital and artisan entrepreneurship (not displace it), we tap into the potential of Africa’s artisan economy (often overlooked) for a positive social impact and economic growth forward. Our goal is to showcase a curation accessible to everyone whilst refocusing on crafts that evoke notions of quality and authenticity. Breaking with compulsive consumption, we want to build more meaningful relationships with the objects in our lives, not to mention lessening our environmental footprint. Because we value creativity at every level, we saw the need to support artisan entrepreneurs to join global markets whilst building a more inclusive and conscious business, we are proud to share with the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower artisan communities and raise the value of artisanal goods made by skilled craftspeople on the African continent. We are more than a marketplace; Tribeur is on a mission to build a trusted community, committed to greater visibility and engagement across supply chains. Working together to get things done right. By opting on small batches, fair wages and one of a kind products, we have an opportunity to rethink how we want things to change in the future.

Beyond the aggregate economic impact, artisan products reflect the cultural and social traditions of the communities within which they were created. Choosing artisan means supporting a form of economic development that has deep meaning, one that originates from and is rooted in the uniqueness of people and place.
FORBES, 2015

Browse and discover a carefully selected range of artisanal products made by skilled craftspeople locally sourced in Africa to meet the demand for an alternative to fast consumption.

We source, design, manufacture products in collaboration with our seller partners and designers to offer unique items made responsibly.

In a few clicks, professional buyers can pre-order and buy contemporary artisanal products. We simplify wholesale order management and logistics, so there is no more lengthy emails.

How We Do Things

Design and craftsmanship evolve as we do. That’s why we invest time in researching local crafts across Africa and help skilled artisans to develop unique products that compete in the global market. Tribeur is the one-stop destination where conscious buyers and sellers like you can sell, buy and commission some of the most beautiful and unique goods for your stores or projects – only made from sustainable materials in Africa.