Our Ethos

We are committed to redefine luxury through an appreciation of ethically made, beautiful objects that tell their own authentic stories. We believe that heritage translated into contemporary designs is in its essence luxurious by refocusing on craftsmanship, quality and timeless designs.

Although, we are not environmentalists, we want to be conscious retailers and influencers who care about our planet and its people.

These are our core values and standards:


Sustainability in fashion means that the product you are buying is produced with a minimum impact on the environment. It means that the products are made from natural textiles and materials that don’t negatively impact the planet. The role of sustainability in fashion is to create local economies that are economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally sound.


An ethical product is produced with ethics in mind every step of the way. It means that the production process doesn’t harm or exploit people and/or animals and that fabrics are consciously sourced and making sure that employees are fairly treated and paid. Through its supply chain the products are not harmful to the environment and society.


We are dedicated to promote a new approach and new standard for luxury design – that is affordable and embodies authentic and fundamental sustainable values. We focus on small productions that embodies the return to what luxury is all about and its essence to refocusing on craftsmanship, quality and timeless designs.


We are dedicated to celebrating the artistic inspirations of designers around the world. Choosing handmade artisan products promotes the continuation of time-honoured traditions while celebrating cultural diversity. We want to support and promotes artisans from around the world and bring to you beautiful, unique and high quality products.


We pride ourselves on selling only 100% authentic  vintage and second hand designer merchandise. We verify the authenticity of each designer handbags, clothing,  jewellery and accessories. Each piece that we take in is carefully inspected for luxury construction techniques and brand-specific marks and traits.We research each item and try to give you as much information as possible in the description of the product ; we look for designer tags, authenticity labels, date codes, hologram stickers, branded zippers, coordinating hardware, and much, much more.

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