Tribeur curated wholesale marketplace is a fresh new take on global fair trade. We strive to blend purpose, and core values, with the need to create a sustainable business and viable profit to support and protect our craftspeople in continuing to bring artisanal crafts to the world.

We work with our network of partners who offer diverse strengths and embrace pioneering sustainability practices. Upcycling and repurposing fabrics and metals such as brass, organic cotton, natural dyes, alongside using recycled packaging and reducing water usage enable us to give profits back to local communities.

Tribeur is committed to delivering:

  • Unique, handcrafted products, made from sustainable materials, at fair prices.
  • Profitable partnerships to empower craftspeople to increase their income and sustain their family livelihood.
  • A one-stop destination open to unique African artisan goods and gifts.
  • Digital solutions to connect professional buyers and store owners across borders.
  • Wholesale home decor and furniture created with conscious consumers in mind.
  • Streamlined processes for buying, selling, shipping and marketing.



Everything we do is led by our core values, which drive our decisions and define how we connect socially conscious trade with innovative digital opportunities.

  • We Are a Ethical Wholesale Marketplace

Our homeware collections bring together a modern aesthetic with global market access for brands and small enterprises in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Zimbabwe and many other places at the roots of African design.

  • We Adapt by Using Tech to Effect Positive Change

We use existing technology to empower human capital and artisan entrepreneurship, not displace it. Tribeur is a scalable e-commerce solution bringing positive and tangible benefits to people and their communities.

  • We Believe In Business as a Force for Good

We are driven by social impact. Tribeur strategically balances purpose with profit and takes a sustainable approach whenever possible.

  • We Solve Modern Supply Chain Problems

It’s challenging to find responsible contemporary design produced by artisans – without having to pay huge mark-ups or travelling across the globe. We solve those issues by connecting craftspeople directly with clients and offering competitive wholesale terms to streamline the procurement process.