Cameroon-born and Netherlands-based, Louis Bos is a product designer who uses a unique aesthetic design language and incorporates the philosophy of ancient Africa to his works. His very poetic approach to design celebrates African art and culture translated into contemporary design. His furniture collection is inspired by the handmade patterns painted on the facades of Kasséna houses in Tiebele, in the south of Burkina Faso. Louis Bos possesses the elements of modern architectural style, thus creating simple geometric forms, shapes, clean lines and ergonomic forms features.

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Nomadic artist designer, Waly Seck’s creations are recognizable by an aesthetic translating his multicultural background and his diverse international professional experiences. Trained at the Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam), Waly completed his first internship at Transtech Industrie (Dakar) where he experimented with the creation of recycled plastic furniture. Then, he joined the workshops of Sander Bokkinga (Rotterdam), where he experimented with a very conceptual vision of design, before landing in the workshops of Ousmane Mbaye (Dakar).

After graduating, he joined the design studio Birsel + Seck (New York), where he worked for big companies such as Ikea. Establishing his workshop between France and Senegal, he now continues to explore modern forms through the filter of his African roots via a universal production process that can be applicable anywhere.

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