Overcoming all difficulties, creating peace of mind for HIV/AIDS patients

According to the leader of the Khanh Hoa Center for Disease Control, all difficulties in HIV prevention and control have been overcome by medical staff. At the same time, authorities at all levels always pay close attention to this work.
People infected with HIV receive timely treatment and the community joins hands to support

Most people infected with HIV in Khanh Hoa receive treatment in the most timely manner. Therefore, up to now, Khanh Hoa has been removed from the list of key localities for HIV epidemic

Achieving the above results, in addition to the efforts and dedication of preventive health staff, is also due to the thoughtful attention of local authorities at all levels. Therefore, even in the most difficult times, patients in remote areas are given HIV treatment drugs promptly and according to the correct regimen.

TBH in her early 20s in Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa) said that because she had been in a relationship with a high-risk person, she recently had some symptoms of HIV infection so she got tested. When I found out exactly that I was infected and was still very young, I was very confused. Because of that, the spirit also deteriorates, causing anxiety and restlessness. Thinking about the coming days makes me even more confused. At this time, H. approached a number of peer educators and went to the Khanh Hoa Disease Control Center for advice and treatment. Because the viral load is low and detected early, doctors advise ARV treatment. If you comply well with the treatment regimen, your life will be normal. H. seemed to be able to get rid of the heaviness and gradually regained his spirit.

Many other cases, like H., just discovered they were infected with HIV and thought the road ahead was like an abyss. However, with timely consultation and treatment, health improves very well.

To detect people infected with HIV at the earliest, testing is of great interest in Khanh Hoa. Every year, the whole province has nearly 40,000 people receive HIV counseling and testing. Get tested to understand your condition so you can have appropriate treatment and prevention.

From the beginning of the year to the end of October 2023, more than 35,200 people in Khanh Hoa have been consulted and tested for HIV. Some cases found positive have been given effective treatment regimens by medical staff to stabilize their health and psychology.

To facilitate people with ‘H’, public health centers in 8 districts, towns and cities and Khanh Hoa Tropical Diseases Hospital receive consultation and examination for HIV patients.

Over the past many years, increasing ARV drug coverage for people with HIV has also been a focus of preventive health workers in Khanh Hoa. In all conditions and circumstances, no matter how difficult, we still try to deliver medicine fully and promptly to patients. By the end of September 30, the number of patients maintaining the first-line ARV regimen after 12 months of starting treatment in Khanh Hoa was nearly 1,200 people. In addition, the number of people receiving PrEP (HIV preventive treatment) at least once a year is 470 people.

Many positive changes in HIV prevention and control

Doctor Ton That Toan, in charge of the Khanh Hoa Center for Disease Control, shared that HIV/AIDS prevention and control work in the locality has had many positive changes. Communication and outreach solutions in the community are implemented in a variety of ways.

In addition, people infected with HIV comply well with medical staff’s ARV treatment instructions. To date, ARV drugs are still an effective solution in HIV treatment. From research as well as practice, ARV drugs prevent virus replication. If you maintain good treatment, it also helps reduce the risk of opportunistic infections and HIV-related death. When receiving ARV treatment, people with HIV can live healthy lives, work like people without HIV and confidently integrate into the community without having to feel guilty or have low self-esteem.

In the first 9 months of 2023, the Khanh Hoa Center for Disease Control also organized training on HIV sentinel surveillance and integrated behavioral HIV surveillance for 26 health workers participating in the investigation and sample interviews. in Nha Trang, Ninh Hoa and Van Ninh. Organized 22 group communication sessions on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for men who have sex with men in the community for nearly 400 people (18 people/session).

In 2023, Khanh Hoa Center for Disease Control will also continue to implement the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Project according to Decision No. 02/QD-BYT dated January 3, 2023 of the Ministry of Health on approval. 2023 implementation plan of the technical assistance project “Global Fund for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control 2021-2023”.

To ensure the quality of HIV detection surveillance data, the Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control under the Khanh Hoa Center for Disease Control also periodically reviews data on people infected with HIV/AIDS and deaths due to AIDS. Eliminate duplicate cases, supplement and update information on remaining cases such as lost track, moving, death, and unrealistic cases. At the same time, the information after review has been updated into HIV 4.0 software and reported to the Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control promptly and accurately according to regulations. In addition, quality management of HIV/AIDS treatment, viral load control, and HIV load testing in ARV treatment monitoring are always focused.

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